Why Brick Classifieds?

Tired of paying high commissions on your LEGO set sales?  Tired of inexperienced sellers shipping your valued LEGO sets in brown paper and no outer protective box?  Tired of clueless Mom and Pop LEGO auction sellers describing expensive LEGO sets incorrectly to make a quick sale?  Fearful of unscrupulous “drop shippers” and their illegal activities?

If you answered “yes” to any of the above questions, then you might want to take a look at  sellers that are BrickPicker members.  BrickPicker will now give members the chance to post their personal LEGO set and part listings for sale on the new Brick Classifieds website.  While you do not have to be a member of BrickPicker.com to buy and/or sell on the Brick Classifieds site(Two seperate sites…Two seperate log ins), there is valuable information on new and used LEGO sets/values on the BrickPicker site that could be useful on the Brick Classifeds site.

Think of it as your classifieds section of your local newspaper, but instead of “Help Wanted” or “Cars for Sale” ads, the ads will be all based on LEGO sets for sale.  Call it “target” advertising.  Sellers will take advantage of a captive and interested audience, buyers will benefit from purchasing from experienced LEGO resellers.  Many friends and acquaintances you have made over the past few years on the BrickPicker site will now be able to list personal sets for sale that you can possibly purchase.  It is these friendships that might translate into a winning formula for LEGO resale transactions. In addition to the thousands of BrickPicker members, the Brick Classifieds site and listings will be advertised on major LEGO websites, Facebook, Twitter and numerous other internet search engines in order to promote them.  This will be done to attract the regular Mom and Dads of the world or the casual LEGO fan looking for a deal on LEGO sets or who are looking to start their own LEGO reselling business.

What is Brick Classifieds and how does it work?
Transactions on the Brick Classifieds are done in a similar manner to other major LEGO secondary market sites.  A seller lists an item.  The buyer commits to buy that item.  A Paypal transaction takes place.  A small commission fee is paid to Brick Classifieds.  Items are shipped quickly and properly.  Buyer is happy.  Feedback is left.  Simple.  As with anything, there are no guarantees that every transaction will be a positive one and BrickPicker defers to PayPal’s customer service in case of disputes on sales.  As for possible issues with transactions from personal LEGO listings, there will be a Brick Classifieds simple feedback and rebuttal feature that will let members (buyers, sellers) rate transactions.  Brick Classifieds will take zero responsibility for any transaction, the contract is between the buyer and seller.  We are simply a conduit for a LEGO seller to match up with potential LEGO buyers, just like your local newspaper.  You pay us for low cost, but effective, ad space, not high-commissioned guarantees.

We are here to help members and casual LEGO fans/customers connect with one another and help provide a quality and trustworthy market for buying new and used LEGO sets.  It is my belief that if “sellers” market and ship their LEGO products properly, this could help increase their sales dramatically.  Also, it is my belief that if “buyers” realize that this is not the bargain bin at Walmart, they will receive quality LEGO sets for a fair price.   There will be a special section in the forums to discuss Brick Classifieds, positive transactions, rules and members.  Please refrain from leaving any sort of negative feedback on the forums.  The feedback and rebuttal system is the only method we have to fairly deal with disputes.  Brick Classifieds and its agents are not here to take sides or settle disputes.  The forums are not the place to wage a campaign against another member.  If you so chose to attack other members, we will remove those posts and you risk being banned.  If a situation needs to be reviewed, you can ask Jeff and I to review a transaction, but there must be ample reason to do so.  Leaving feedback on the Brick Classifieds local/personal listing transactions is the proper way to deal with a bad transaction.  If a transaction goes well, feel free to discuss it in the forums.  Peer pressure is one way to make this system work, but negative feedback in the forums can get ugly and as stated many times, the deals are between members and the Brick Classifieds site tries to remain neutral.  Please use PayPal to protect your investments.  If there are concerns of illegal or fraudulent activity, please contact Jeff or I.

Good luck.  We hope you find the Brick Classifeds useful and a money saver.

Thanks…Ed Mack